Our harsh climate, outdoor lifestyles, lack of skin care and genetic traits can cause ones skin to age more rapidly, develop wrinkles and generally cause one to look older, appear upset and even sad.

Dr Andre Postma Inc offers BOTOX® treatments, soft tissue augmentation (Fillers), Dermapen and Silhouette Soft to counter act these premature aging effects. These treatments are administered by an experienced medical doctor with years of experience and advanced training.

These treatments are not the domain of the wealthy only! Each treatment is individualized. We promote the “less is more concept” and ensure a revitalized, refreshed natural look.

So if you are tired of your fatigued weathered look, tired of the frown lines, tired of your drooping sad mouth and “jowls” come rejuvenate yourself.

Get that natural, refreshed look you once believed was long lost.

It’s Your Skin – Love It!



Soft tissue augmentation (Fillers) – liquid face lifts, frown lines, “nose mouth”, “mouth chin” lines and lip enhancement.


Silhouette Soft

Silhouette Soft “threading suture” – immediate visible lift and rejuvenation treatment. (Done under local anaesthetic – no surgery).


Derma Pen

Dermapen treatments – rejuvenation, skin toning, scar and acne mark reduction, fine line reduction.