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Favoured by movie stars for decades for its anti-ageing effect!

Botox when used astutely and administered by an experienced professional causes temporary paralyses (+- 4 months) of the muscles of minor facial expression. For example – frown lines, crow’s feet, laugh lines, “gummy” smiles, smoker’s lines and bunny lines. These superficial wrinkles disappear leaving you with a youthful refreshed look. The major muscles of facial expression are not affected so you still have facial expression – you can smile, laugh, experience surprise i.e. you will not have a rigid face! Dr Postma individualises treatments to each patient as we are all created uniquely so the amount of Botox used and location injected can vary from patient to patient. Maintaining your scheduled appointments often leads to less Botox needed per maintenance treatment.

Post-treatment instructions:

  • For 4 hours after the treatment do not lie down, do not exercise and do not make excessive facial expressions.
  • Do not massage or rub the treated areas for at least two days.
  • Avoid direct excessive heat (e.g. sauna), avoid direct sun exposure and sun beds for at least two weeks after treatment.
  • Use high protection sun blocks (PF 40-50) and moisturise frequently.

The cosmetic effect varies but is generally +-4 months.

The above instructions should help your treatment t last longer.

All first time clients must please return to the doctor after one week. All treatments are individualised and we want to make sure that the aesthetic affect desired was achieved.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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