At the outset I want to stress the following: I, personally, have been and am on my own weight management journey.  I am a “rehabilitated fatty” and prone to relapsing. However, my struggle with weight isn’t all consuming anymore. When I gain weight I now know EXACTLY why and how to lose it again easily.

In most cases it isn’t your fault that you are obese!  I know you didn’t wake up one morning and say “I’m bored … I’ll get fat  … that should be fun!! “.  Nobody does that neither did I . Don’t let anyone “fat shame” you.

Between the ages of 32 to about 45 I gained a lot of weight. It wasn’t a decision…   it just happened.  I did not change my eating habits or exercise routine, I merely started gaining weight.  In desperation I tried all the fads and diets, took potions and tablets.  All based on the concept that YOU ARE FAT BECAUSE OF WHAT AND HOW MUCH YOU EAT …….AND YOUR LACK OF EXERCISE!

At the time my patients would comment positively on my weight loss and politely kept quiet when I gained it all again. One of my children, following the same diet as her siblings, gained weight easily and that instigated a more in depth quest.

WHY ARE SOME OF US FAT? Why are so many South Africans fat? More than 60% of South Africans are overweight or obese. In spite of this startling fact most of us haven’t changed our eating habits nor do we do any exercise. We should start there. Yes, we all know people who don’t exercise and eat whatever and yet remain lean! How we envy them. They are genetically blessed.

I started researching and studying into the fields of chronic diseases, metabolic syndrome and obesity. The Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) opened my eyes with a very interesting course – “The Spectrum of Understanding and Managing Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome”.

I realized we have to start actively treating the proverbial “Elephant in the room”

Hours of internet research into obesity, carbohydrate rich foods, food lists , diets ,hormone imbalances,  insulin resistance , body mass index, exercise, genetics and medical management gave birth to my approach I now call “​Postmas Weigh”

Obesity or excess body weight isn’t a decision, it is a condition.

Nobody decides to gain excessive weight or get fat. Lifestyle and eating choices obviously have an effect on our weight. For multiple obvious and known health benefits a healthy lifestyle should be pursued as far as possible. However in spite of incredible advances in psychology, medical, societal and scientific issues – chronic diseases are ever increasing.

Obesity being one of these. It is a chronic condition associated with many other comorbidities – high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, blood clots, cancers, arthritis, hormone imbalances, fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic pain conditions, chronic fatigue syndromes, increased risk with Coronavirus infections and a legion of other conditions.

All medical conditions are aggravated by excessive body weight.

A healthy lifestyle, exercise and wise diet decisions are important however there are many of us who require more than that. Many who need research based medical treatment and monitoring as well.

Eating correctly and following a healthy exercise program are essential for multiple health reasons. Exercise and Thermogenic foods (foods that can help you lose weight) account for about 30 to 40% of your daily calorie usage. The majority of the calories your body will use are determined by your basal metabolic rate.

Strict calorie restriction, as pursued in most programs, will inevitably cause weight loss as you are effectively starving yourself.

With Postmas Weigh all food groups are allowed, we have compiled lists of better choices i.e. lower carb and starch options. Remember ALL foods have carbohydrates in (even meat.)  No meal is completely carbohydrate free. Vegetarian and Vegan diets do not necessarily mean carbohydrate low meals. Once again I stress “healthy eating habits are very important, exercise is very important…. and a lot of us need medical treatment as well.

Please continue seeing your dietician should you be seeing one already. Absolutely continue exercise sessions with your personal trainer.

Patients often say “I am diabetic, I have heart disease, I have had a bypass, I have kidney failure, I have had a stroke, I have cancer, I have autoimmune disease, I’m in heart failure, I have arthritis, I am on medication for depression  … etc etc “and can I go on this treatment? YES! YES! YES!

You are exactly the patient that should be on treatment for your “other” chronic condition – OBESITY.

Oncologists; Ear Nose and Throat specialists; Paediatricians; Cardiologists and Family Physicians refer patients for weight management. We collaborate gladly with fellow health professionals, Dieticians, personal trainers and other weight reduction programs.

Please contact us for advice re your treatment or any concerns you may have about your treatment as your healthcare provider might not have personal experience in this field of medicine.