Ingane Yami is the isiZulu word for “My Child”. Ingane Yami is a permanent, loving home for orphaned and vulnerable children.  The Village is based in the Shongweni Valley in Kwa-Zulu Natal and consists of individual homes, each belonging to a carefully selected foster mother and six children. The families are supported holistically with amazing on-site facilities that ensure the emotional, educational, physical and spiritual needs of each child is met.

Since the Village began in 2012 Dr. Andre Postma has offered up his medical expertise to ensure all of the children at Ingane Yami’s medical needs are met. From phone calls to ensure a rash is nothing to worry about, to multiple appointments with a child to navigate the most holistic medical intervention to begin to heal past abuses and trauma’s, Dr. Postma has given countless hours into meeting the needs of our children. He attends to every child before they enter the Village, to ensure there are no chronic illnesses that have not been diagnosed. He is always available to attend to the children’s needs as they arise, from coughs and colds to ring worm and skin irritations; and has walked a journey with a number of the children to discover the best chronic medication regime for their individual needs.

“We are acutely aware that we could not accomplish our mission of rescuing children and restoring their lives if we did not have the medical support of Dr. Andre Postma and his team. Dr. Postma has generously given countless hours of his time, all at no cost to the Village. It is impossible to quantify the magnitude of this gift. We are incredibly grateful, knowing our children are all in good health because of the skills, expertise and generosity of Dr. Andre Postma” Scott Hamilton, Ingane Yami Director

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